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Ulica Rutli / Rutlistrasse

The Škuc Gallery, December 5th-10th, 2006 

Concept by CONA.SI: Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka 

A school in the Berlin district of Neukolln, where the majority of inhabitants are immigrants was in the spring of this year in the media spotlight. The board of teachers sent to the senate a letter requesting that the school should be shut down, as they were unable to control the situation any more. They lost charge of the students. Control was seized by the students, mainly descendants of Turkish and Arabic immigrants. According to media reports, the discontented youngsters were aggressive. They were labelled as the rowdiest students in Germany. The authorities reacted very late, only when the situation was beyond a pivotal point. They had to send the police to the school and promise greater assistance to the teachers. The Senate refused the request for closing the school. The Rütli School is not the only school in Germany with such problems. Among the issues, which need to be addressed are the functioning of the educational system and problems with the integration of second generation immigrants. The debate moved from the school to the German parliament. The German situation was in the spotlight of all media sectors also due to the events in France in the autumn of 2005. The public became aware of the serious threat of violence by the discontented inhabitants of these ghettoized areas. The situation in Berlin has calmed down for now. Apparently! But for how long? How did Rütli Street look this September at the beginning of the new school year? 

Accompanying events:

A simultaneous presentation of two projects with the same theme and similar name: cona.si and Cona Fužine.

Thursday, December 7th at 7 PM

A presentation of Cona Fužine at the Škuc Gallery.

Cona Fužine is shown in the Škuc Gallery.

Meta Čermelj, university diploma in social work, director of the Cona Fužine programme; and Matic Munc, university diploma in psychology, a contributor of the Cona Fužine project and a counsellor for the field of family and children protection at the Centre for Social Services Ljubljana Moste-Polje.

Cona Fužine, a day centre for juveniles in the Fužine community under the umbrella of Community Programmes for Juveniles at the Centre for Social Services [email protected] www.csd-ljmostepolje.si/cona/index.htm <br/>

Friday, December 8th at 9:30 AM

The presentation of cona.si at Cona Fužine. Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman are going to present their project cona.si at the Cona Fužine Centre, Preglov trg 12, Ljubljana, Tel: 01/540 08 50. Cona.si is a multimedia project, produced by Zavod Maska. www.cona.si, www.maska.si

At the Škuc Gallery, the artists will show their video RÜTLI STREET (14 minutes) and a short version of one of their other projects ZoneTOURISM (20 min).