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Caprice (Re)lapse

Vocal-dance performance

Premiere 3.10. 2007, City of Women festival, Ljubljana

Irena Tomažin is a young and promising author. With her last two performances, Caprice (2005) and its re-make Caprice (Re)lapse (2006) she has grown into a profoundly original artist, combining dance, which is her artistic background, with vocal experimentation of her own voice, which shifts her expression beyond the frames of music and dance. The distinctive feature of her last performance is above all her deep intensity as a performer, her spontaneity and sincerity. 

»In Caprice as well as in Caprice (Re)lapse, Irena Tomažin continues in her familiar idiosyncratic way to move in between the voice and the movement, the dancing and the music. She's lead mostly by her intimate need to use a different language of performing, and not so much to move in between different art forms and disciplines. And this is precisely, why her performances are so strong, intensive and open, the work of a real author. At the same time her pieces grab the viewer in an unexpected manner, one, which, with its experimental nature and tendencies is very unique in Slovenian art scene.

»Her voice is body-based, it rises, knits together and falls through bodily emotions, movements and feelings, and it is heard in and through the movement of her body and the space of scenography. The breadth of experimental capacity of Tomažin’s voice is at the same time physical, material, concrete and completely depending on her presence on the stage, her performing power and the intensity of the performing act itself.” 

The jury of the Zlata ptica 2006 Award





Concept, choreography: Irena Tomažin
Sound design, music: Mitja Reichenberg
Light design: Jaka Šimenc
Set design: Marko Brdar

Produced by Maska Ljubljana
Coproduction City of Women festival

Technical rider:


— 03-10-2006 : Caprice (Re)lapse
Festival City of Women, Old Power Station, Ljubljana
Irena Tomažin

— 22-12-2006 : New year party
Stara elektrarna, Ljubljana
Maska, Bunker

— 24-02-2007 : Caprice (Re)lapse
Viteška dvorana, Križanke, Ljubljana
Irena Tomažin

— 10-05-2008 : Caprice (Re)lapse
Festival Ukrep (Act!), PTL, Ljubljana
Irena Tomažin

— 16-05-2008 : Caprice (Re)lapse
IETM, Kosovel Hall, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana
Irena Tomažin