MASKA RESEARCH GROUP: A Speculative Glossary

This Saturday, on May 30th, Maska will be participating on a European Festival of performing arts Transeuropa, which is taking place in Hildesheim from May 27th until June 1st 2015. 

Maska's reasearch group will be presenting its project "A Speculative Glossary"

Our accelerated temporality generates diverse and multiplying strategies of dealing with the demands of our hastened time. It seems necessary to enrich our vocabulary with terms that will allow for some differentiation and enable us to talk more precisely about specific forms of time and ways of coping with its eternal brevity, as well as the dissipation of time and its manifold qualities. The lexical in(ter)ventions that we introduce in this glossary comprise a number of terms, such as in0wasting, zenacceleration, and pregnant boredom, which are meant to allow for some specification in our daily talks and chats about the diverse intangible temporal states in which our daily moves are not just imbedded. Time is not a container but is rather produced and engendered by our movements. The method of this glossary is a reversed one: similarly to drawing a map of a territory that no one has ever seen, we sketch definitions in order to discover what qualitative differences these neologisms (with their descriptions) introduce. The playfulness of this glossary is based on the idea that lexica are not static representations of words but tools for negotiating and intervening in the social field. We approach terminology as a poetic and at the same time productive moment of thought, as well as a speculative endeavour of lexical fiction.


This event is part of the CONGRESS.

Lecture (In English §):

Sat. 12:30 - 13:30 h / Festival Centre (Auditorium) / free entry

Workshop (In Englisch):

Sat. 14:30 - 16:30 h / Festival Centre (Seminar room) / free entry

§: If needed, a whispered translation can be organized.

— 30-05-2015 : MASKA RESEARCH GROUP: A Speculative Glossary / Lecture
Transeuropa 2015, Hildesheim (Germany)
Transeuropa 2015 & Maska

— 30-05-2015 : MASKA RESEARCH GROUP: A Speculative Glossary / Workshop
Transeuropa 2015, Hildesheim (Germany)
Festival Transeuropa 2015 & Maska