We Just Do It!

We Just Do It!
Škirp Inc.
music debute

Škrip Inc.
is a music-theatre performance composed of four girls: Jelena Rusjan, Kristina Gorovski, Tina Perić and Neja Tomšič.

Škrip Inc. is a result of marketing manipulation with masses and its cause. Through spreading propaganda on the all-encompassing and omnipresent brand, the girls strive – and they're doing it just great – to open the eyes of the consumer society. Škrip Inc. does it with a medium they understand best – music – and presents its debut album: We Just Do It.

You can listen to their music or download it at https://skripinc.bandcamp.com/


Škrip Inc.
We Just Do It!
1. Welcome Song
2. OberLaibach
3. Tako se to radi kod nas
4. Človek, zasluži si ime

Škrip Inc.: Jelena Rusjan, Kristina Gorovska & Tina Perić
Recordings: Matija Dolenc @ In Audio We Trust studio 
Mix & mastering: Matija Dolenc