The Cabinet of Curiosities of Brutko Bim-Bitch

Menza pri koritu, AKC Metelkova mesto, Ljubljana
Saturday, October 19th, 8 pm – 3 am

Secret Lodge of the Alive • legendary theatrical improv 
The Cabinet of Curiosities of Brutko Bim-bitch  • concert: Bratko Bibič & The Madleys 
Disk Jockey BIGor • music to dance

We invited to the project Three Orders of Time: 1993-2013-2023: For New Modes of Artistic Production the partners who significantly marked that time and also today actively participate in the cultural and artistic milieu. Thus it is not a coincidence that they dance the last “dance” upon the 20th anniversary of Three Orders of Time at Metelkova – the pillar of urban culture in our country, and neither is it a coincidence that they do it with the Secret Lodge of the Alive, Bratko Bibič and BIGor, undisputedly the pioneers of Metelkova activities.

On the album The Cabinet of Curiosities of Brutko Bim-bitch released by Klopotec, Bratko Bibič & The Madleys Quintet present a concert programme of original musical work composed by Bratko Bibič. His music is characterised by a highly individualised mix(ture) of so-called “imagined folk music” with references to various rural and urban musical traditions, creatively intertwined with chamber music, jazz, rock and improvisation.  This often humorous musical mix(ture) is given extra spice by live instrumental and vocal dialogues, with reworked recordings of speech, music and sound fragments taken from a treasury of American vaudeville and European Dadaistic and futuristic “sound poetry”.  The compositions and the concert are articulated in a manner of “cinematic narration” intertwined with the Renaissance-patriotic poem Petelinje by Bratko Bibič.

DIsk jockey BIGor

There's no celebration without music and dance, without the intoxicating brew that has been a constant at important life events since time immemorial. Due to the fact that the world spins all the better because of revolts against commands and prohibitions, let Maska's celebration be free of any dress code, music code or proper dance steps. To sin and to celebrate is human.


Bratko Bibič: concept, composition, improvisation, accordion, vocals

The Madleys:
Matjaž Sekne: violin, improvisation, vocals
Sašo Vollmaier: electric piano, improvisation, vocals
Uroš Polanc:  trombone, improvisation, vocals
Eva Tušak: oboe

— 19-10-2013 : The Cabinet of Curiosities of Brutko Bim-Bitch
Menza pri koritu, Metelkova mesto
Maska & Menza pri koritu