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Demystifications of the SECRET LODGE OF THE ALIVE

Menza pri koritu, Metelkova mesto
Saturday, October 19th, 8 pm – 3 am  

We invited to the project Three Orders of Time: 1993-2013-2023: For New Modes of Artistic Production the partners who significantly marked 90's and also today actively participate in the cultural and artistic milieu. Thus it is not a coincidence that they dance the last “dance” upon the 20th anniversary of Three Orders of Time at Metelkova – the pillar of urban culture in our country, and neither is it a coincidence that they do it with the Secret Lodge of the Alive, Bratko Bibič and BIGor, undisputedly the pioneers of Metelkova activities.


There's a joke online saying: “The Secret Lodge of the Alive? Ask President Obomba.”

For those who don't feel at home in the information jungle, the genesis of the Secret Lodge of the Alive (SLA) is a mystery. All they know is that the Lodge is not permanent. Some claim that its end is to be expected in 2047, whereas others disagree, and some others say it already belongs to history. The members of the SLA are a total mystery. Although some names have come out: Besna Hudini, Mimoza Brutal, Jeklena Đejn, Primus Belgrado, Gogi Demagogi, Momento Mori, brata Milo za Drago, Sarina Maestral… they're probably false names. The motives and intentions of the members are a mystery too. There's only the rumour about the director that he joined it to become rich. The director denies these allegations. On the other hand, the SLA was able to appear out of the blue on national television. For a short time, just long enough to generate chaos among the population. The SLA has a secret audience. Considering that SLA protagonists to this day have no ideas or the knowledge to realise them, the audience has to shoulder the entire burden.

Incidents that are popularly attributed to the SLA:

- the condensation of the ten commandments into one: MONEY!

- the condensation of social state elements into one

- the concentration of world wealth by an anonymous handful of people

- the privatisation of the World Wide Web

- the world record in ski jumps of Dr. Huber Kranjc

- the popularisation of disregarded social practices

- the unification of all Semitic tribes in the constellation Shalom Alaykum.

Actually, nothing new.

Upon this occasion, the SLA President is making an appeal to all those who haven't paid their membership fees for this year to do so as soon as possible


— 19-10-2013 : Demystifications of the SECRET LODGE OF THE ALIVES
Menza pri koritu, Metelkova mesto
Maska & Menza pri koritu