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Dragan Živadinov: Noordung Prayer Machine

Commented informance

In 1992, Dragan Živadinov staged one of the most impressive and ground-breaking performances in Slovenia; Noordung Prayer Machine was performed and produced by Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana in conjunction with Cankarjev Dom. For the very first time in the history of Slovenian art, the institution of classical art practices, such as the Opera and Ballet, engaged in collaboration with an artist of the Slovenian retro-gardism. With his performance of ‘inhabited sculptures’, Živadinov entered the third phase of his theatrical creations marked by the visionary work of Herman Potočnik Noordung.

In the Silvan Furlan Hall, Živadinov will present a commented version of the original production supported by video footage of the performance and graphic schemes that will give detailed content and production frameworks to the performance. This will be followed by a discussion with invited “witnesses” who actually saw the performance in 1991.

To mark the occasion, a special booklet The World of Cosmonauts, Ballerinas and Women Saints will be issued together with a DVD of the performance.

The performance is considered to be both an important, and yet also forgotten, work of Slovenian art and hence gets this special tribute; perhaps the first since the performers stitched Malevich's crosses on ballet shoes at the press conference 20 years ago, as noted by Simon Kardum in Maska journal in 1994.

Discussion and the presentation of the book The World of Cosmonauts, Ballerinas and Women Saints following the commented informance will be moderated by Andreja Kopač.

 Production: Zavod Delak & Maska 
— 16-10-2013 : Dragan Živadinov: Noordung Prayer Machine
Kinoteka, Miklošičeva cesta 28, Ljubljana
Maska & Delak Institute (Three Orders of Time)