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With Sound About Music

Presentation of the workshop with the students of Poljane Grammar School

The workshop Whit Sound About Music, mentored by Tomaž Grom and Špela Trošt, allows experimentation, raises awareness of the various principles of the creative process and promotes collaboration between different art practices. In the workshop students of Poljane Grammar School will, taking the book Zmes Za ples by Gregor Kamnikar as their stating point, think about dance, design sound, play games, draw letters, sound images, search for challenges, break rules, steal ideas, study material, mix movement, risk boredom, doubt virtuosity and expect the unpredictable! 

Gregor Kamnikar, a researcher in the field of dance and movement and an acknowledged choreographer and dancer, wrote “Zmes Za ples” in a manner similar to the ‘reading’ of a game. At the same time, the book is also a constructive starting point for studying and discussing contemporary dance by a broader public, as well as a source of information for those who come across contemporary dance during their studies.

As a member of various groups and as a soloist, double-bassist Tomaž Grom investigates widely used techniques of double-bass playing in combination with electronics. He has written music for a number of theatre, dance and puppet performances. He has been directing a music workshop around free improvisation called Research, Reflection for many years. Grom is also the Artistic Director of Sploh Institute which is involved in the production of music and performing arts, education and publishing.

Špela Trošt has been involved in theatre as an actress, dramaturge, assistant director and producer since 1981. In addition to being the director of Gledališče čez cesto Kranj for several years, she was also the Artistic Director of the Gledos Festival. Trošt was a professor of Dance and Performing Arts History at SVŠG (Art School) Ljubljana. She is currently the producer of Via Negativa - Contemporary Performing Art Association and the Sploh Institute.

Production: JSKD in Maska 
In collaboration with Poljane Grammar School

Mentors: Tomaž Grom & Špela Trošt

— 16-10-2013 : With Sound About Music
Španski borci, Zaloška 61, Ljubljana
Maska (Three Orders of Time)

— 23-11-2013 : With Sound About Music
Španski borci, Ljubljana
ŽIVA 2013