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Eat-art Collective at the U3 - 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia   

Wellcome to Paradise

Dear visitors, passersby, and neighbors!

Paradise garden is offering its fruits. You’re welcome to them. Feel free to pick the ripe vegetables and eat them. For your consumption and pleasure, with due respect for the garden, the soil, the other users, and the growers.

You’re also invited to view the documentation of the collective’s work at theexhibition in the+MSUM and then to dinner on 29 September at 8 p.m. right here. The garden is at your disposal between 20 June and 10 September. Please be so kind and do not pick the produce after 10 September, as the vegetables will be used to prepare the dinner.


In collaboration with:  7 Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia - U3  , DrMr Murska Sobota, KUD Samosvoj & KUD Pozitiv. 

Creating its material platform in a form of the garden (located next to Ljubljanica and bordering the prison on Povšetova, the Psychiatry Hospital and Chinese Embassy), the research including experiments, informal social gatherings and debates, workshops and development of particular methodologies of work, addressed the issues of the meaning and survival of art in today's society, as well as the possibilities and ways of the survival of culture, education and humanities. In addition, it explored both individual and social practices and strategies in order to achieve anti-production and anti-consumer ways of life, work and creativity.

The presentation concept derives from a forum challenge in a form of the statement that a theatre performance cannot be eaten.

28 November 2012 in collaboration with Museum of Contepmporary Art, Ljubljana we prepared presentation of the research produced by Maska implemented between April and September 2012 and served  vegetable minestrone

Researched by: Bara Kolenc, Teja Reba, Loup Abramovici, Radovan Jaušovec

Chef: Danilo Ivanuša

Sound system: Mitja Cerkvenik
Photo: Radovan Jaušovec  

Executive production: Tina Dobnik
Production: Zavod Maska
Co-production: Kud Samosvoj, Kud Pozitiv

The programme of Maska, Institute for Publishing, Culture and Production is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and Ljubljana Municipality.

A thank you to Sara Lunaček for the hospitality in the garden.

 A thank you to all Open Garden participants: Saška Rakef, Drago Pintarič, Mitja Cerkvenik, Lidija Male, Suzana Koncut, Sarah in Oskar Lunaček, Ognjen Radivojević, Sabina Potočki, Petra Slatinšek, Eduardo Raon, Dragana Alfirevič, Doroteja Srhoj, Janez Janša, Gyula Cserepes, Andreja Feher, Miloš Bartol, Čandek family, Urška Comino and Ana Ivanek, Barbara
A thank you to seed  donors: Simon Kardum, Zlata Vahčič, Karolina Tržački, Gabriela Droga Mazovec, Drago Pintarič, Gyula Cserepes, Milan Vračar
A thank you to Domen Šega for baking bread. 
A thanks you to dictaphone donors: Matija Šturm, Maja Šorli
A thank you to Capital donors: Ahac Meden 

— 28-11-2012 : ANTIPROJECT EAT-ART
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
Maska & Museum of Contemporary Art