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Program! 6: Fake it!

If We Cannot Afford Originals, Let's Dance Counterfeits

The starting point of this production are contemporary dance productions that Slovenia never saw and probably never will see - if not because of the economic facts defining the programming in houses with international stage programme and at festivals of performing arts, then because of the bare, factual biological transience of creators. As we can find counterfeits of products at the black market, similarly we intend to launch counterfeits of works of several key choreographers from the second half of the 20th century to the contemporary dance market. The project also directly reflects on one of the prevailing interpretations of the Slovene national culture, i.e. the theory of lagging behind.

Presentation: Thursday 29th of November 2007, Festival Exodos (Studio Viba), Ljubljana





creators-performers: Leja Jurišić, Jurij Konjar, Manca Krnel, Teja Reba, Dejan Srhoj
direction assistant: Samo Gosarič
lighting design: Miran Šušteršič
technical director: Borut Canjko
executive producer: Nataša Zavolovšek
production: Zavod Exoodos
co-production: Maska Ljubljana

Thanks to all who have answered the questionnaire about the key contemporary dance artists and productions, to Studio Oktober and Viba Film.

Technical rider: