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Fama is a common project of the Zagreb Frakcija magazine and Maska. The first issue was published in English and German, in collaboration with the Dance festival from Munich. It was dedicated to the thematisation of the status of the body in different cultures and artistic practices. In the next issues, we write about the status of a radical subject in art, and about critique.

Založba → Posebne izdaje

Postdramatic Fishing

The publication of “Postdramatic Fishing” is also a product of cooperation between Maska and Frakcija magazines. The book outlines a theoretical context for eight performances with longer texts. The collection of articles brings texts by Sergej Pristaš, Marin Blažević, Bojana Milohnić, Aldo Cvejić, Ana Vujanović, Ivana Ivković, Amelia Kraigher and Rok Vevar. The texts analytically tackle the performances from Maska’s production that were appearing on the 17th and 18th...