28 and 29 November at 20.00, Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana

Between us was made in the framework of the Dance Dramaturgy/Continual Dramaturgy programme.

The programme was created on the basis of an analysis of the needs within the contemporary dance community, which showed that performing arts creators as well as producers wish to expand their knowledge in the field of dance dramaturgy and more often continually work with trained experts in this field.

If in the '60s the question was 'How to be together?' and if this question always turned into particular relations of power, the basic question in the conditions of radical individualism is 'Is there anything at all between the two of us?' What is it that defines a relationship between two individuals? What is it that exists between the two, for which both of them could claim to be something that is between them?

The answers offered by Jurišič and Reba could be seen at three levels – which somehow corresponds with the structure of the show. Playing with possibilities
Janez Janša

PREMIERE: 20.11.2009, Stara mestna elektrarna


Authors and performers: Teja Reba in Leja Jurišić

Light and technic: Borut Canjko

Video: Kaja Mihajlović

Design and picture: Nathalie Reba

Producer: Nataša Zavolovšek

Co-workers: Janez Janša, Žiga Kariž, Žiga Predan

Production: Exodos Ljubljana

Koproduction: Kink-Pekinpah, Maska Ljubljana (in the framework of The Dance Dramaturgy), Bunker, Stara mestna elektrarna-Elektro Ljubljana, Gledališče Glej, Plesni teater Ljubljana, Pa-f

Project was supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia.

Thanks to: Technical team Bunker, Ivana Ivković, Loup Abramovici, Yoko Ono, R. Magritte, Petra Veber, J.L. Godard, Bele grudi (Sebastijan Horvat, Maks Soršak), Miha Nemec, Jasmina Založnik, Ryuzo Fakuhara, Gyula Cseretes, Dame s kožuhi