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Miklavž Komelj: How to think partisan art?

Monday, March 31th,  at 7 pm 

M 3/4 Hall, Cankarjev Dom


In the time when it appears that the relation between art practises and the political needs to be reconsidered – since the prevalent associating of contemporary art with the political may be a sign of art’s depolitisation in the capitalist system of art – a reflection on art that emerged during the National Liberation Movement might present one of the starting points for a critical reflection of the present moment. The lecture will focus on the groundbreaking situation in which art practices networked with the forces, which broke off with the existing social system. What was the import of this situation for the formative level of art itself? What is the relationship of art's content with the material conditions defining it? In what way can art problematize and transform its own conditions? What were the consequences of the new role of a mass of writing, which the culture politics of the National Liberation Movement particularly encouraged, for the re-conceptualisation of art?The lecturer will pay particular attention to partisan poetry and will attempt to position the complex and here-and-there vague production of the times into a wider context of the role of the symbolic in the partisan resistance. Partisan art will not be discussed as a homogenous whole. On the contrary, Komelj will attempt to think it precisely through its internal contradictions, which occasionally triggered open polemics in the very context of the National Liberation Movement itself.

This lecture is a part of the project What to Affirm? What to Perform?, a cooperation of Allianz Kulturstiftung, Centre for Drama Art Zagreb, Centrul Nacional al Dansului Bucuresti Bucharest, Maska Ljubljana and Tanzquartier Wien.