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Matjaž Berger: Did the 20th century invent a theatre gesture?

Monday, April 7 at 7 p.m. 

Cankarjev dom, Club Lili Novy, Prešernova 10, Ljubljana


My century, my beast, who dares to look into the pupils of your eyes, to cleave with your own blood the spine of two eras?

The key for understanding 20th century, writes Badiou in his The Century, is passion for the real. It is the test stone of subjectivity of this century. Brecht thinks theatre as a possible demasking of the real, and this is precisely because theatre is first the art of the mask, of appearance. A theatrical mask symbolises the question, which is often – though falsely – presented as the question of the importance of deception in this century. The relevant question is thus: what is the relation between the passion for the real and the necessity of appearance? (Fourth chapter of Alain Badiou’s, The Century, p.57).

This lecture is a part of the project What to Affirm? What to Perform?, a cooperation of Allianz Kulturstiftung, Centre for Drama Art Zagreb, Centrul Nacional al Dansului Bucuresti Bucharest, Maska Ljubljana and Tanzquartier Wien.


About the lecturer

Matjaž Berger (1964, Novo Mesto) is a theatre director and since 2006 director and art director of Anton Podbešek Theater, first professional theatre in Novo Mesto. In his lecture he will address questions, he had enacted as a theatre gesture or insinuation in his performance “20th century”, which premiered in November 2007 at Češča vas’s velodrome near Novo Mesto. Performance’s key references – philosophical thought of Alain Badiou and Bertold Brecht’s ideology, will also serve as the main references to the lecture with the opening question: Did the 20th century invent a theatre gesture?