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Marianne van Kerkhoven: Looking back in wonder

Looking back in wonder -The use of historical material and its recalibration in the dramaturgical work.

Monday January 21 at 7 p.m.

Cankarjev dom, M 3/4 Hall, Ljubljana, Slovenia

A lecture of famous Belgian dramaturge, professor and publicist at Maska’s seminar of performing arts. 

“Every work of art is determined by the social context and the specific time in which it is produced. It is feeding itself as well by ‘the things that are in the air at that moment’ as by historical material of different nature and origin. Also this ‘historical material’ is contaminated by the actual context. E.g. the perception and interpretation of Shakespeare’s work today is not the same as the perception and interpretation of it in the 19th century. I want to investigate the ‘handling’ of historical material in two different times and in two concrete dramaturgical experiences: in the making of ‘Bartok/ Aantekeningen’ (Bartok/ Annotations), a dance piece  by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Rosas in 1986 and in the recent (2007) making of ‘I/II/III/IIII’ a performance/ installation by Kris Verdonck.”