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Parallel practices of contemporary arts 2007/08

Maska & Cankarjev dom: Reflections on Contemporary Art:

Parallel practices of contemporary arts: interpreting, writing, historicizing

In the year 2007/2008, the seminar of contemporary performing arts bears the title Parallel practices of contemporary arts: interpreting, writing, historicizing. The seminar, held for the seventh time in a row, will consist of closed and public lectures. The former set is conceived as a theoretical-practical laboratory in interpreting, writing and historicizing of contemporary art and will be led by Bojana Kunst, PhD., while the public sessions will be designed as public lectures and dialogical situations, in which renowned domestic and foreign artists and theoreticians will participate, with an aim to provide insight into the current situation in the area of contemporary arts. 


About the seminar

This year, the public lectures will highlight different themes, which delineate parallel practices of contemporary performing arts in Slovenia, such as presentation, reflection, historicizing, archiving and defining the relation between an artistic event and social context. The seminar will draw on current events performing arts and will disclose different contemporary and historical contexts of performing arts. The closed gatherings will consist of eight theoretic and eight practical sessions. Theoretic sessions will be devoted to a philosophical reflection on what characterizes contemporary art and which are the fundamental theoretic and aesthetic problems in this field. Practical sessions will be held in the form of discussions and workshops in connection to the developments in the performing arts scene and festival production. 


The seminar will take place from October 2007 to May 2008, every Monday from 7:00pm to 10:00pm in Cankarjev dom (Hall M3/4 and Lily Novy Hall) or in the library of Peace Institute (Metelkova 6). This year's seminar consists of sixteen (16) closed sessions, which will be led by Bojana Kunst PhD, and a series of public lectures of domestic and foreign experts (eight (8) sessions), in which the following lecturers will participate:

— Phillip Auslander, theatre theoretician, USA
—  Helmar Schramm, theatre theoretician, Germany
—  McKenzie Wark, new media theoretician, Australia, USA
—  Marianne Von Kerkhoven, dramaturge, Belgium
—  Gabrielle Brandstatter, contemporary dance theoretician, Germany
—  Rok Vevar, critic and theoretician, Slovenia
—  Bojana Kunst, philosopher, Slovenia
—  Katja Praznik, critic and theoretician, Slovenia
—  Matjaž Berger, theatre director, Slovenia
 — Miklavž Komelj, art historian, poet and translator, Slovenia

The seminar presents an opportunity to get to know and understand current goings-on in contemporary performing arts, which are – as live arts – continually struggling with falling into oblivion. The seminar is intended to students of different programmes of the humanities and the arts, to those active in the area of contemporary arts, and those who would want to broaden their knowledge or collaborate in this area. The seminar is organized by institute Maska and Cankarjev dom in collaboration with Peace Institute.

Further information at:andreja.kopac@maska.si T: 041 900 926.