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ramsay burt

Interdisciplinarity and the performer audience relation

This lecture investigates the performative blurring of disciplinary boundaries within some recent contemporary works. These boundaries are not just ones between individual art forms - as for example between dance and visual art - but between the arts and social sciences, where social and political questions come into play, or between art and philosophy where questions about the relation between aesthetics and ethics are posed. 

The lecture argues that such blurrings have significant consequences. By troubling disciplinary boundaries, they challenge the premises on which institutions regulate artistic practice. These boundaries are based on assumptions about the position which spectators, readers, or listeners take up in relation to cultural texts. Works that blur such boundaries therefore have the potential to open up possibilities for new kinds of relations between artists and spectators, and between performers and audiences. As such they offer possibilities for re-imagining a basis for community and politics. This lecture will explore these ideas through discussions of recent works including pieces by Tino Sehgal and La Ribot. .

About the lecutrer

Ramsay Burt is Professor of Dance History at De Montfort University. His publications include The Male Dancer (1995), Alien Bodies (1997) and Judson Dance Theater (2006). In 1999 he was Visiting Professor at the Department of Performance Studies, New York University. With Professor Susan Foster, he is founder editor of Discourses in Dance