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Lecture of Boyan Manchev: THE NEW IMAGE OF LIFE.

Monday, 23th April 2007, at 19.00

Cankarjev dom, (M3/4 hall) 

The transformation as contemporary condition  

The starting hypothesis of Boyan Manchev is: if there is a singular feature, defining contemporary culture, this is the peculiar image of life as a limitless transformability that seems to radicalize if not to step beyond the modern concept of life as an autonomous end and ultimate value. Undoubtedly, this image is complexly related to the new forms of economical production and exchange; it also affects the fields of the political and the esthetical, putting in question the modern concept of their autonomy.

This new image of life will be thought in anthropological perspective in view of the supposed transformation of the relation nature/culture and in the perspective of the philosophy of representation, with particular attention to contemporary art practices. 

Photo: Svoboda Tzekova