Simpozij → 2013/2014

Art and Life: Productions of Temporality in Art

A symposium of the Slovenian Society of Aesthetics and the Maska Institute in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Metelkova (+MSUM)

With the participation of:
Bojana Kunst, Miško Šuvaković, Darko Štrajn, Aldo Milohnić, Lev Kreft, KITCH (Lana Zdravković, Nenad Jelesijević), Ksenija Berk

Dialogue performance:
Bojana Kunst & Ivana Müller: Together On Time (2011) 

The symposium based around the publication of two books written by members of the Slovenian Society of Aesthetics - Bojana Kunst: Artist At Work: The Proximity of Art and Capitalism, and Miško Šuvaković: Art and Politics - will look in more detail issues addressed by both aforementioned works, and in particular focus on the relationship between the temporality of art and modes of production within contemporary capitalism. 

For decades, the notion of ‘life’ has informed various relationships between art and politics. Through getting close to life, art has demolished and transposed its institutional limits and constantly questioned its own autonomy, whilst simultaneously, the belief in its emancipatory strength has been closely related to new possible ways of living. Today, the projection of speculative values onto art and life demonstrates how life itself is at the very centre of the production of surplus value and the modes of capitalist exploitation. For this reason the relationship between art and life must be reconsidered, in particular how this relationship is now defined by a special form of the production of temporality incorporated in contemporary modes of working; the eradicating of boundaries between private and working hours; the investment of subjectivity and the role of debt in the future; the vanishing of the ‘common’ and the duration of artwork and experience, etc.

Art must reconsider its temporal constitution, which was so relevant at the outset of protests against industrialisation and the exploitation of labour. Indeed, the autonomous creative and aesthetic experience that was so important when opposition to labour rationalisation first emerged now represents a relevant source of production value itself. Hence the issue of art's temporality and thereby, its relationship to life, is connected with the issues of labour and capital in quite a different way than in the industrial modernity (Taylor and Ford), and yet at the same time both the relation concrete/abstract labour and the absolute/relative production of surplus value, are changed.

Performance Finally Together On Time.

Finally Together On Time is a dialogue on the collaboration between the artist and the philosopher that has lasted and developed over several years. The meeting of the physically present Kunst and the virtually present Müller presents time as something inevitable whilst at the same time not being something self-evident that we “have”, though we do have the possibility of recreating it. This dialogue performance plays with the idea that working together is a process in which we learn to transform time in different ways and in which we “commit” to collaboration not only during the “time” of the project but even more so outside of it. The dialogue performance Finally Together On Time was presented for the first time as a part of a research in Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers in Paris and at the conference Performance Studies International in Athens (2011).

— 17-10-2013 : Art and Life: Productions of Temporality in Art
Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova; Maistrova 3, Ljubljana
Maska & Slovenian Society of Aesthetics (Three Order of Time)