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In this book, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi outlines the key technological, cultural and social transformations that have led, over the past 50 years, to new modes of production (post-Fordism), the precarisation of labour and the fractalisation of financial capital, and he shows their consequences for the social body and its movements.


is a nonprofit organization for publishing, production (performances, interdisciplinary and visual artworks), education and research. It is organized into three sections: Maska Publications,Maska Productions and Maska Symposium. Maska’s theoretical, critical and artistic activities deal with contemporary art and theory, research, experimental performing practices, interdisciplinary art and critical theory. Its contents and events often provide a direct and sharp reflection of the cultural and political space in which it acts.
Collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organisations, artists, professionals from different areas and partners from abroad is an important segment of all of Maska’s activities.

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This is a performance The Republic of Slovenia. In it, a retired intelligence officer tells a story about counting millions, then six important men ponder the fate of Slovenia which is turning into a mafia state, and in the end soldiers of character deal with a spy of character. This is a performance The Republic of Slovenia. It has been running for twenty-five years and it has been produced with your money. And all this time you have been – as an extra or as a big player – its part.

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Živa Kraigher: KO SE ZGODI PLES: Zapisi, dokumenti, spomini

Slovene edition!

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A Short History of Tanztheatr

… This is how two weeks plus a few days of intense creative socialising and Pina Bausch's show in Portugal in 1994 forged strong bonds among previously perfect strangers from different parts of Europe ... I stayed in touch with some of them, even though those were the days when nobody used e-mail or mobile phones yet. We would write letters, post them, exchange small parcels with our favourite music taped from CDs ... for friends living 2,500 kilometres away ... I have kept these tapes even...