is a nonprofit organization for publishing, production (performances, interdisciplinary and visual artworks), education and research. It is organized into three sections: Maska Publications,Maska Productions and Maska Symposium. Maska’s theoretical, critical and artistic activities deal with contemporary art and theory, research, experimental performing practices, interdisciplinary art and critical theory. Its contents and events often provide a direct and sharp reflection of the cultural and political space in which it acts.
Collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organisations, artists, professionals from different areas and partners from abroad is an important segment of all of Maska’s activities.

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The decision to centre the first real issue of our editorial mandate around the topic of generation is not merely a consequence of the fact that (at least according to some censuses and tendering criteria) we ourselves belong among the so-called young (critics). Nor do we wish to follow what Maska already did in the past, i.e. to simply inaugurate a new, by the counting of this journal already 5th generation of directors who are just now autonomously entering the performative podium. This was,...

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Vprašanje razmerja med filozofijo in gledališčem (ali uprizarjanjem) je po eni strani eno najstarejših vprašanj na sploh, o čemer priča znamenita Platonova prispodoba o votlini kot izrazito gledališka metafora. Po drugi strani pa se je to vprašanje pokazalo kot pomembno polje inovativnih raziskav, za kar gre vsaj deloma zahvala ravno Freddieju Rokemu.