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THE PLAY OF ANTICHRIST: Oratorio According to the Archdiocese Maribor

The story of the largest debt in Slovenian history, accumulated by the Archdiocese Maribor, chronologically coincides with the beginning of the fall of a welfare state. Ever since, the entire country has been burdened with debts. Do we know how high? Owed to whom? On whose behalf?


is a nonprofit organization for publishing, production (performances, interdisciplinary and visual artworks), education and research. It is organized into three sections: Maska Publications,Maska Productions and Maska Symposium. Maska’s theoretical, critical and artistic activities deal with contemporary art and theory, research, experimental performing practices, interdisciplinary art and critical theory. Its contents and events often provide a direct and sharp reflection of the cultural and political space in which it acts.
Collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organisations, artists, professionals from different areas and partners from abroad is an important segment of all of Maska’s activities.

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Franco Berardi – Bifo: The Soul at Work

The Soul at Work is one of the best known books by the Marxist media theorist and activist Franco Berardi Bifo. It was translated in fifteen languages but never published in Italy due to the author's critic of social, economic and political conditions

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Affect, Emotion, Passion: The Personal and Beyond

Volume XXIX of our journal is starting off in a rather surprising and affective way, as befits its main subject. The journal before you focuses on the issues of affectivity and emotionality in contemporary theatre and on their (performative) theorisations. It was planned and designed for almost a year, with the same care and passion as we devote to (our) dance history.

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MISperformance: essays in shifting perspectives

MISperformance: essays in shifting perspectives is a collection of essays that address a spectrum of cultural, organizational, technological, ecological, political and daily performances by focusing on the causes and consequences of a misfire, misconception, misrecognition, misnaming, misfitting etc