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When you can say what’s bothering you without fearing the subsequent loss of something. And disclose your secrets without feeling guilty about it. A place where you can be tied down, but free nevertheless. Where it’s you who counts and not the mistakes. That warm feeling that you’re amongst your people. Škrip Inc. Belief in magic is the dominating force in our lives. We strive for perfect pleasure, constantly and for ever.


is a nonprofit organization for publishing, production (performances, interdisciplinary and visual artworks), education and research. It is organized into three sections: Maska Publications,Maska Productions and Maska Symposium. Maska’s theoretical, critical and artistic activities deal with contemporary art and theory, research, experimental performing practices, interdisciplinary art and critical theory. Its contents and events often provide a direct and sharp reflection of the cultural and political space in which it acts.
Collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organisations, artists, professionals from different areas and partners from abroad is an important segment of all of Maska’s activities.

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Art Gallery Slovenj Gradec already presented Janez Janša as an artist in 2010 when it mounted an exhibition of the project Signature, which was created together with his two namesakes and examined the question of an individual’s identification through naming and the question of authorship. This time, his work is presented in an independent exhibition that, like the decision to change his name, which resulted in the merging of the artist’s private and public life, brings closer the fields of art...


Maska at Slovenian Book Days

Založba Maska sodeluje tudi letos na petdnevnem knjižnem sejmu. Ta se bo s spremljajočim programom letos vrnil na Mestni trg pred mestno hišo in na Stritarjevo ulico, kjer bo mogoče vsak dan med 10.00 in 20.00 uro najti kaj zanimivega in boste lahko sledili letošnjemu sloganu (IZ) BERIMO.


Made With Love (Delo iz ljubezni)

Similar as in her earlier works, Teja Reba is continuously intrigued by the relationships between physical, emotional and political acts.These acts are always walking the line - between aesthetics and ideology, between references (repetition) and new possibilities (difference), between the sublime and the abject, between sex and sexuality, between everyday life and art, between courage and vulnerability.